Under Wraps

While I was at Kroger Pharmacy the other day picking up my monthly installment of anti-baby medication, I noticed something that perturbed me.

Why are all the condoms locked up? And more importantly, why is the LUBE locked up? This is AMERICA for God’s sake!

This means that in order to buy a rubber or a tube of KY, you have to find a “sales associate” and ask them to unlock a sliding glass door so you can make a purchase.

I think it’s wrong. Here people are, trying to have safe, lubricated sex and they have to track someone down who they don’t even know and basically say, “Hey Kroger employee, I’m trying to get some later, can you help me out here?” Not cool.

Personally, I would be annoyed only because I’m extremely impatient and like to make my grocery trips as quick and non-interactive as possible. I don’t get embarrassed easily, so that wouldn’t be the issue, but a lot of people do. And even adults are sheepish about buying condoms and other sex¬†accouterment. Sidenote: years ago, I may or may not have purchased that KY “Yours + Mine” twin pack at CVS and they do NOT lock up their sex goods. Kroger could learn a thing or two from them. Oh, and it’s also like, $20 and not worth that at all. Please reference THIS BLOG on the proper way to purchase lubricants and all other sex-related goods at affordable prices.

And if anyone has a contact at Kroger Corporate, feel free to pass along this blog. Maybe with our forces combined, we can get them to unlock the magic.


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2 Responses to “Under Wraps”

  1. Phil says:

    A lot of drug stores in town and in areas with higher crime do this as well. I’d personally go to a store that didn’t lock it up just to avoid having to ask for it but I think stores in higher crime areas would lose their asses in theft if they didn’t lock this stuff up. Hey, at least thieves are having safe and well-lubricated sex…

  2. Michelle Marron says:

    The ghetto CVS downtown actually locks up their goods too! totally not cool…but a little more understandable in that ‘hood.