Possibly the Funniest Video I’ve Ever Seen

Hmmm, what excuses do I have for not blogging for the last 3 weeks?

1. I sprained both of my index fingers in a beer pong game and haven’t been able to type.

2. I was sorta’ dating someone that took up the spare time that I would normally devote to blogging. Keyword: “was.”

3. Dewey came down with a rare form of canine chlamydia and the last few weeks have been spent at vet offices, pharmacies picking up prescriptions, and STD clinics.

4. I’ve been so busy with work that I have literally been going to bed at 4am every night.

5. I slipped into a coma and just got out.

Only 1.7 of those reasons are true and you can take your guesses.

The video you’re about to watch is my favorite thing in life. YES, I was there for the taping (you may or may not be able to hear me laugh at one point), and YES I know these freaks, but you don’t have to know them to love it.

Back story: Atlanta’s very own Tribble Reese (and former CLEMSON football player) went on CMT’s Bachelorette-style show called “Sweet Home Alabama” not too long ago. He didn’t win, but CMT immediately gave him his own Bachelor-style season for obvious reasons having to do with looks and personality.

And now…. you watch (make it full screen for the best effect).



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One Response to “Possibly the Funniest Video I’ve Ever Seen”

  1. Trey says:

    That sweatsuit is out of sight!