Guys Who Take Their Shirts Off at Concerts: Exposed

Monday night was the Foo Fighters concert, which was amazing. They seriously put on THE. BEST. SHOW. I would have Dave Grohl’s babies (multiple ones) and I don’t even want kids. Also we took a Fur Bus there. If I didn’t sneak in that plug, Allyson (Ms. Fur Bus herself) would not be pleased.

So the show is incredible. But is it really THAT incredible that you have to rip off your shirt in an indoor, public space? I have never understood this phenomenon and as far as I know, indoor concert venues have a strict “no shirt, no shoes, no service” policy (with the exception of the band) so it’s also a violation of conduct. I mean, the concert was at The Arena at Gwinnett Center, so we were dealing with a lot of suburbanites and I know they tend to take their clothes off in public places more frequently than us city dwellers, but still.

Another thing that baffled me was not only did these three fellas take their shirts off, but they held them up as if to say to Dave Grohl, “Hey look! We took our shirts off! And here they are!”

This photo was snapped during the boys’ final strip session. That’s right. There were more than one. They probably took their shirts off and put them back on at least three times during the show. I think that’s awkward. If you’re going to take your shirt off, at least rip it off, twist it around your head like a helicopter, then keep it off. Own it, dudes.

I mean, when Dave did an acoustic version of “Best of You” and I took my underwear off and threw them on stage, I didn’t try to get them back and put them back on.

Some people just don’t know how to keep it classy.

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