Primpin’ Ain’t Easy: 3 Beauty Tips for the Ladies

I’ve been getting a lot of compliments lately. And also more attention from the fellas.

I know what you’re thinking: “Ashley, you are ridiculous to start a blog entry like that, or even a conversation for that matter. What are you, some kind of stuck-up, self-obsessed prima donna?”


But I can’t take the credit for this newfound beauty boost. I must introduce you to 3 of my favorite things, 2 of which I had to feature on my CBS Better Mornings segment to spread the word. Check it out below. And yes, I did ask the anchor to smell me. That was a little awkward.

Now, on to the “need to knows.”

1. Eyelash Extensions. Warning: ladies, you WILL get addicted to these and will not be able to stop stealing glances at yourself in the mirror when you have them. Instead of texting sexy photos of yourself in lingerie (or naked, whichever) to your man of the moment, you’ll be sending him pictures of your eyes. Not that I did that or anything. I just heard it happens.

I got my lashes done byRaney O’Keefe (makeup, eyelash artist extraordinaire) at WAX in Inman Park (they also do the best waxing in town from brows to bush). The extensions take about 2 hours to put on and are actually attached to your real lashes. She literally puts 90ish individual lash extensions on you and they look 100% natural. You’ll get your full set and then go back every 3 weeks or so to get refills (which only take an hour) if you want to keep them up. Or you could just let them all fall out, which is super depressing. Every time I see one on my cheek or in the sink, a little piece of me dies inside. Mention Better Mornings Atlanta to get $50 off your first set through Jan. 31.



Yes, my nose is one giant freckle.

2. Organic Sunless Tanning. RAW Bronzing Studio, conveniently located right next to WAX, is the best sunless tan in town for just 35 bucks a pop. Tiffany, the owner, will airbrush a gorgeous, natural-looking glow on your bod and it will last a good week or so (provided you don’t go hot tubbing or jello wrestling or anything else along those lines). One time this summer, I may or may not have had Tiffany spray tan just my ass. But that’s a story for another time.

No offense to the other girls, but I like to think my RAW tan stood out the most at this wedding (with the exception of the bride who may as well be half black. Lucky bitch).

(They’re also doing awesome Pilates classes at RAW now, so get in on that for the abs/ass/arms of your dreams.)

3. Chuice. This stuff has changed my life. I like…don’t even know where to start. Basically, it’s raw food that you half-drink/half-chew. Sounds weird, looks even weirder, but it’s incredible. 45 good-for-you ingredients go into it and it’s made fresh every day and you can drink it as a meal and be completely satisfied. It helped me lose those pesky 5 pounds that just wouldn’t go away, but that’s not even necessarily why I started getting into it. It’s just so freaking healthy and (infomercialĀ speak in 3….2…..) you will feel great on the inside and look great on the outside once you start Chuicing regularly. Half gallons are available at Highland Bakery (Old Fourth Ward, Midtown, and Buckhead). Oh, and feel free to read this little nugget, too. **If you pick up Chuice at Highland Bakery, they’ll ask you how you heard about it. Just say my name say my name (Ashley, that is), and I’ll be forever grateful!**

So there you have it. Don’t worry, I’ll be back next time with a story about how I got dumped, embarrassed myself in public or threw away my brand-new passport 2 weeks before an international trip. That did just happen. See, I’m still the same hot mess…just maybe a tad more hot than mess at the moment.


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  1. Jennifer says:

    Where can you get Chuice in Charleston!?! andddd who are these super hot ladies in that pic!