Dewey Does Daycare: Take 2

You may remember from a previous blog entry (I Raised a Racist) that my dog, Dewey, has been pegged as a racist, and was banned from Dog Days Buckhead.  The folks there suggested I try Dog Days Chamblee because it’s a larger location and he might do better with more space.  With Thanksgiving quickly approaching and the need to board him while I’m in Delaware, I had to find a place that would accept him STAT.  I called Dog Days Chamblee, explained Dewey’s issues and they agreed to let him come in for his “temperament test” – a 4-hour time period in which they let him play with the other dogs and monitor his behavior, and after which they’ll let me know if he’s been accepted or denied.  What…a screening process.

I dropped him off with high hopes at 10 a.m. and went to work, where I promptly put on the Dog Days streaming video webcam and found him.  I was on the edge of my seat.  It was like watching a scary movie, where the next big “cover-your-eyes” moment could be right around the corner. Dewey’s fate was resting in the hands of this 4-hour time period and I could watch every second of it.  It…was intense.  The first thing I noticed was a huge, black Newfoundland in the play area.  Great.  The f*cking Shaquille O’Neal of dogs.  Not only was this dude black, but he was large AND in charge.  This looked like trouble.

Dew was playing nicely for the most part, but every time he even so much as looked like he was about to get aggressive or got near Shaq, I would tense up and have to fight the urge to yell “DEWEY NOOO!” at my computer screen.  Then, he would go back to playing nice…and I would breathe again.  This continued on and off throughout the day (is my boss reading this?), and at 2 p.m., I called to see if all had gone well and if I could pick him up.  I was told that he did fine and he would be allowed to come to day care AND I could also make a reservation for him for Thanksgiving.  SCORE!

I hopped in my car, so excited to pick up my pup, hightailed it over there and walked into Dog Days…only to be greeted with the same somber faces they gave me when I picked him up after the “Labor Day incident.”  “Dewey got in an “argument” with another dog,” they explained.  Really?!  In the 20 effing minutes it took me to get here!?  In the 20 minutes I WASN’T near a computer to watch him!? Sounded like a total conspiracy to me, but I kept my calm.  “The black Newfoundland?” I asked and they looked at me like, “how did you know?”  That effing Shaq.

They told me that, yes, it was the black Newfoundland and then proceeded to inform me that, “we think that maybe he doesn’t like dogs larger than him.”  This must be a joke. So, now, for the record, Dewey is a racist AND has a Napoleon complex.  If he was black…he’d be Kanye.

As for Thanksgiving, I think I found a feasible option with a dog sitter coming to the house.  If I could fly him up to Delaware, I would, but my mom is CONVINCED our family dog will want to fight him and we’ll have a Michael Vick situation on our hands.  Apparently…the Hesseltines breed aggressors, which is strange since I’m so submissive and even-tempered.  Wish us luck – if no dog drama ensues over the Thanksgiving holiday while I’m away, it will definitely be what I’m most thankful for this year.

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4 Responses to “Dewey Does Daycare: Take 2”

  1. Abbie says:

    Don’t feel too bad – Sadie doesn’t like dogs bigger than her except Daisy…

  2. hollis says:

    Ashley, you crack the hell up out of me.

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