Halloween 1st Stop: Hooters

With Chesley’s and my Halloween ‘stumes requiring leotards, we realized we were going to need some serious pantyhose to pull them off.  The ‘hose needed to be the perfect combination of opaque and sheer.  Darker than our regular skin color, but not so dark that they looked weird.  No control top so we wouldn’t have that line on our thighs.  Then we realized where we’d seen this magical hosiery before:  on the waitresses at Hooters.  Where…could we get ourselves a pair?  We asked around to no avail and the day before Halloween…when we realized we MIGHT just be S.O.L., Chesley saw a comment on Facebook that said you can buy the Hooters ‘hose…drumroll please…AT Hooters…in a vending machine…in the bathroom.  Could this be true?!  It was that easy?!  It sounded like an urban fashion myth to me, so the next day, I called Hooters and asked if you could indeed purchase the ‘hose at the restaurant.  The cheery Hooters girl answered, “Yup! In the bathroom!  For $4!”  Jack. Pot.

I scooped Chesley up and we headed to the Hooters downtown, looking about as far from Hooters girls as possible – me coming straight off a run and Chesley straight out the shower, sans makeup or hair products.  Hard to believe that just a few hours later, we would be transformed into the spitting images of Lady Gaga and Beyonce.

We arrived at Hooters and prepared for the mission.  Take a look at our exclusive, behind-the-scenes video:

Mission. Accomplished.  And for the record, we DID spend the Sacagawea coin in the parking deck on the way out.  And by “spend,” I mean that I handed it to the attendant, he dropped it, it went under my car and he told me not to worry about it since it was his fault.

Stay tuned for Halloween 2nd Stop: a pre-party featuring pumpkin pie martinis, a rare encounter between Beyonce and Lady Gaga and 5 scantily-clad Village People.

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