Halloween 2nd Stop: The Pre-party

We’ve always known that Halloween is the number-one day of the year for girls to dress like total sluts.  However, last year, I started to get a sneaking suspicion (when I saw a straight guy dressed in a Hooters waitress ‘stume at a party), that guys take this opportunity to dress JUST as slutty.  This year, I decided to launch an all-out investigation to see if my theory proved true…using my very own guy friends as test subjects.  I EVEN went “undercover” in a slutty ‘stume myself, so I could fit in with the test subjects and observe them in their natural habitat.

We were at a pre-party at my friend Tracy’s, complete with my smashingly successful pumpkin pie martinis, and of course, plenty of other booze, when the guys slowly started to peel themselves off the couches from watching the Georgia/Florida game to get into their gear.  All the ‘stumes were in a giant black bag that reminded me of the “carrying case” the instructor brought all of her goods over in for my sex toy birthday party this past July, so I was immediately intrigued.  They began to whip out the pieces one by one:  leather chaps, cut-off jean shorts, tight leather pants with fringe, a headdress, etc.   Last I heard, the guys were going as a barbershop quartet, so this new development got me extremely excited as I realized I was thisclose to proving my theory correct.  Apparently, they decided to go as the Village People…if you can even call it that.  They all wore certain ‘stumes for a party on Friday night and were switching off for Saturday night.  Check them out in all their scantily clad glory:


Talk about…investigative journalism.  The theory was proven.  Guys dress JUST as slutty as girls do on Halloween, sometimes…even more.

Foley (my former senior prom date) was especially excited to wear the leather chaps as he had been eyeing them on Christian (the Indian) the night before.  He even had a special pair of undies for the occasion.  And by occasion, I don’t just mean Halloween…it was also Gay Pride Weekend.


Now THAT is a proud supporter.

Chesley and I dressed as Beyonce and Lady Gaga.  When I came up with these costumes, I thought they were totally original.  What…an idiot.  Apparently, they were the ‘stumes of the year.  But, we felt we pulled them off best.  Chesley kept her Poker Face on, and I had spent most of the day learning the Single Ladies dance, so we were good to go.


Off to Twisted Taco we went…in a Town Car.  Since when do you call a cab and a shiny black Town Car pulls up?  Since you’re Gaga and ‘yonce, that’s when.  Part 3 is up next…

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3 Responses to “Halloween 2nd Stop: The Pre-party”

  1. hollis says:

    Nice Hooters nylons!

  2. ashley says:

    thanks! everyone should own a pair…

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