The End of an Era

Just when I feel like I’ve created the perfect clique of girlfriends, someone has to move and f*ck it all up.  That’s right; our friend Louisa moved to New York this past weekend to pursue her dreams of becoming a fashion writer (and she also got a job there, so that kinda sealed the deal).  Sadly, Louisa’s and my Atlanta friendship was short-lived because, while we have technically known each other for years, we only started hanging out this past November.  We knew we were destined to be friends when during our first one-on-one hang out session watching The Hills, Louisa asked, “So which do you like better – The Hills or The City? ”

My dead-serious answer:  “I really can’t answer that.  They’re just…so different.”

Our friendship continued to blossom and along the journey, we established one very special ritual.  Let me enlighten you.

The first event Louisa and I attended together was the Gold Room Grand Opening Party.  I drove us there and when I decided it was time for me to leave, I just left….without Louisa.  I headed to Taco Bell (read: there was limited food at this party) and was waiting in the drive-thru line when I got the feeling that I had forgotten something.  I felt like the mom in Home Alone when she realizes she forgot Kevin at home.  Well, maybe not THAT upset.

I texted Louisa, “what do you want from Taco Bell?” so it would appear as though I had just left to pick us up a FourthMeal and would be returning to Gold Room to pick her up.  I think she fell for it.  I remember getting a bag stuffed full of food for just $7 and feeling like I had hit the lottery.  I picked Louisa up in front of Gold Room, taco in hand, and we came back to my house to finish plowing through our napsack of Cheesy Gordita Crunches, Crunchwrap Supremes and Chicken Soft Tacos…while catching up on the the latest episode of Jersey Shore on DVR.

And, that’s when the tradition of late-night Taco Bell and Jersey Shore was born. I like to call it:  Guidos & Burritos (or G&B for short).

A few weeks later, the whole crew hit up the BMI holiday party, then Yacht Rock, and it was sheer debauchery.  We even knew it was going to be a crazy night from the second we met up at Chesley’s house for the pre-party with our game faces on.  And by “game faces,” I obviously mean…party dresses.

bmi party.egg  on Aviary

Still not quite sure why this photo didn’t end up in US Weekly.  But, anyway…

Louisa was actually staying relatively sober so she could cart me around in her Impala all night, so I took the opportunity to get extra toasty.  Now, let me preface this next part by saying that Louisa has perfected the art of giving guys her number in this cute, casual way that 50% of the time, makes them call.  Ok, maybe 33% of the time.  This particular night, she caught me chatting with a tall gentleman at Yacht Rock, and when it was time to leave, she ambushed the both of us to make sure a number exchange had ensued.

“Did you give this guy your number?” she asked me, while the dude and I both stood there, drunk and stunned.  I had NOT given him my number, nor had he asked for it.  Awwwwwkward. But, the dude played along, got my digits and we went on our way.

On this particular night, we ended up driving to 3 different Taco Bells before finding one that was open, which gave me entirely too much time in the passenger seat with free hands.  Let the exting begin.  And by “exting,” I obviously mean, texting an ex.  We finally found a Bell that was open, picked up our knapsack and came back to my place for some G&B action.

I woke up the next morning and couldn’t even look at my phone;  some shit had definitely gone down and I couldn’t face it in my hungover state.  I decided I would wait until I had a few drinks in me later that day to check out the damage.  Surprisingly, it wasn’t that bad.  I only told one guy friend, Foley, that we should make out, “but only for 5 minutes” and texted an ex about how he should come visit so we could go to The Varsity together.  What…a hot date.

That evening rolled around and I got a phone call from a strange number that I let go to voicemail.  Turns out it was the guy from the night before and he wanted to hang.  That’s right: the one Louisa forced to get my number.  What….a surprise.  We texted a bit back and forth, but we actually never did hang out.  I think it was because he was scared I would blog about him.  Why do I think that? Because he sent me a text that said:  “you can’t blog about me.”  Then, when I told him the URL and he actually READ this blog, I never heard from again.  Well, buddy, here I am, blogging about ya.  Suck on that!

But, I digress.  This blog entry is supposed to be a tribute to my short-lived BFFness with Louisa in Atlanta and our Think Outside the Bun/GTL/Fourthmeal/Fist-pumping obsession.

My favorite G&B session happened to be when we invited a special guest to partake in the ritual with us.  I met John* while out at a holiday party one night and we hit it off immediately.  He was in town visiting from Tampa* and Louisa and I ended up chatting with him for most of the night, so when it was time to leave, we just asked him to come back to my place with us.  And no, this story is not going to end in any sort of threesome.  I have standards, folks.  And by standards, I mean I would never write about a threesome on this blog.  On my Facebook page….maybe.

So, we hopped in the Xterra and headed to Taco Bell with John in the backseat.  Please note that John is of Latin American descent, so Taco Bell is probably not his idea of quality Mexican food.  But, we forced it on him anyway.  He told us TWICE he didn’t want anything, but Louisa persisted, and finally got him to order a Crunchwrap Supreme.  Why that menu item? you ask.  Because she wanted to eat it if he didn’t.

We brought John back to my house, all 3 of us squeezed on the couch, and Louisa layed out the spread while I turned on Jersey Shore.  Now, John was one of those rare specimens that wasn’t that familiar with Jersey Shore and had no interest whatsoever in becoming familiar.  But, we made him watch it anyway, asked his opinions on the characters and forced him to react to the drama on screen when he clearly was NOT interested.  “What do you think of her outfit?!” we asked him.  “Can you believe the way they dance!?” Louisa pressed.  “Do YOU own any Ed Hardy or Affliction tees!?” I interrogated. Looking back, I honestly still can’t believe we subjected this poor guy to our disgusting ritual.  Ok, well maybe I can.

To our surprise, he DID eat the Crunchwrap Supreme.  But, I think it was just so he wouldn’t have to talk to us for 5 minutes.

For the record, John and I still keep in touch.  Turns out, the G&B is a real way to impress a man.  Ladies, take note.

That was the last great Guidos & Burritos night that Louisa and I shared.  The weekend before she moved, we decided to get Taco Bell one last time for tradition’s sake, but A) Jersey Shore is over, and B) the amount of food we ate made us both sick in the morning.  I guess all good things really do come to an end.

I hope to visit Louisa sometime soon in NY and hopefully create a new tradition with a new fast food establishment.  There will be no more late-night Taco Bell for us…until, of course, Jersey Shore Season 2.


*Names and places have been changed to protect the guilty

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  1. L$ says:

    I MISS YOU AND OUR G&B ALREADYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the tribute– what a wonderful first-day-of-work surprise ;) xoxo