I raised a racist

So, I fly back to Atlanta after Labor Day weekend in Dewey Beach and am not too stoked about A) the summer being officially over, B) feeling hungover from the past 4 days, and C) having to return to work and reality.  I get back into town and go to pick up my dog, Dewey (yes, named after the beach) at Dog Days (the place where I board him) and I know this will cheer me up.  I walk in, excited to see my little guy, and the two owners along with the girl who works at the front desk are all standing there.  It was as if…they expected me.  “Hi…I’m here to pick up Dewey.”  They give me a look like they’re about to tell me Dewey is no longer with us, and say, “We hate to tell you this, but Dewey is expelled from Dog Days.”  Ummmm….expelled?  From day care?  Is this a joke?

“He went after two other dogs,” the owner says.  “But it is so strange; they were the exact same chocolate brown color.  It was like he didn’t like their color.”  Is this happening? I think.  Is this woman really telling me my dog is a racist? I can barely wrap my head around it.  “Yeah, she continues; it was so strange.  He’s always been so sweet, but he just went after these two specific dark-colored dogs.”  Again, with the racism?  Really, lady? I go through the necessary steps of telling them I understand and that I’m really upset as I love Dog Days, etc., and they say they might be able to board him at another location that has larger solitary kennels (ie. if he goes ape-shit on another race, they can keep him separated).

I will admit, this shook me up a bit – I have had so many problems with Dewey and this just adds to the stress.  I end up calling back later that day because I want to get all the facts straight as I will need to tell the trainer we’re planning on meeting with.  I get told that Dewey didn’t harm these dogs, but he was just extremely aggressive towards them.  “And,” says the girl I speak with, “one of the dogs he went after was Snickers…and a lot of dogs here don’t like Snickers.”  What the eff?!  Well, then why the hell don’t you guys kick Snickers out!?  Clearly, SNICKERS is the problem! Whatever….I know Dewey needs basic obedience training and hopefully it will correct a lot of his issues.  I just wonder if they can address racism…

Dewey 1

Don’t let this angel face fool you.

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