What the Eff Have I Been Doing: Volume 65

It’s been over a week **wince** since my last post.  This is not the first post where I make excuses for my blog slacking.  Or the second.  But, feel free to read those if you want. So, what the EFF have I been up to?  Let me share…

1.  Hanging out with my new bestie, Tope (short for Babatope).  Got a text from a college girlfriend after seeing pics of us on Facebook that read: “who is the new BFF? He may (from the pics) be a Taye Diggs lookalike.”

Whaaaa??  Alright girl, I guess I can see that.  Ladies, take note – Tope is single and now, obviously famous from appearing on this blog.  Yeah….

Here we are with Tope’s new bar stools that we picked out together at CB2:

We also picked out that knit ottoman in the bottom right corner.  What…a decorating team.  And what….an interracial Christmas card.

2.  Trying out new restaurants (ok, so one). Last Friday, Tope and I (surprise surprise) tried out Ziba’s Wine Bar in Grant Park, solely because my friend Liza, the editor of Scoutmob, told me it was awesome, and….we had a Scoutmob deal for it.

The place is super cool and has delicious Mediterranean tapas.  We ordered the yucca frites, stuffed medjool date, clams, persian meatballs, and something else that I forget but I’m sure was awesome.  Also, my friend Emily informed me of the “dinner party roulette” at Ziba’s and in her words:   “The coolest thing! On Saturday’s, 4 parties of 2 are seated together at one big community table, so you eat together/meet random people! They also comp a hookah and a glass of wine for everyone. It’s dependent upon other people booking for it, but it’s so cool!!!”

Thanks….for the tip, Emily. I know what I’m doing next Saturday.

3.  Going to NETHERWORLD Haunted House with my fellow superfan, Meghan.  This year’s theme is Gargoyles, and I have to admit that I was strangely attracted to the actual Gargoyles.

I mean, is it just me, or are they hot?  They are ALL tall and broad-shouldered (although maybe that was just the costume?) and from what I could hear while chatting with them at the haunt, they have hot voices.  I heard from an inside source that they are Scandinavian, but that source could have just been f*cking with me.

Yes, we were flirting with them.  I don’t know if I should be proud of that…or embarrassed.  Probably a little of both.

4.  I started going to yoga again, but I can’t tell you where because I’m scared too many people will join and then the classes will be crowded and they’ll raise their prices.  Sorry.

5.  Being pissed about a speeding ticket. Back in July, I got a speeding ticket about an hour outside of Nashville for 70 in a 50….in a construction zone.  Whoooppsiiiie.  In my defense, I seriously had no idea it was 50 mph.  That’s just dumb for the highway at night with no workers present.  I also had no proof of insurance or registration on me and Dewey violently barked at the cop the whole time I was being ticketed.  It wasn’t my finest moment.

Anyway, the cop told me to DEFINITELY show up to my court date because the judge would probably let me do driving school and drop the charge so I wouldn’t get points on my license.  I think my driving record is fairly clear right now (for once), but I still didn’t need those damn points on my license.  I mean, I could pass a stopped school bus tomorrow and immediately be thrown into “high risk driver” category.  I needed to keep my record as clean as possible.  Like my reputation.

I went to Nashville Monday night and spent the night with my friends that live there, so I could go to Hillbillyville the next morning and try to sweet talk my way out of this.  I have sweet talked my way out of so many situations like this that I’ve lost count.

But, for the first time….I lost.  There was a “stand-in” judge who wasn’t making any exceptions.  I had to pay a $250 ticket and I don’t even want to know about the damn points.  F…ML.

And, now I’m all pissed off again.

Time for a drink, a tryst with a Scandinavian gargoyle and yoga at an undisclosed location to cheer me up.

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