About that whole football thing…

Well, let me knock the dust off the ol’ blog here and get started back up again.  Here’s the deal: I’m going to talk about Thanksgiving over the course of the next couple blog entries which, yes, I realize was totally 2 weeks ago and totally annoyingly irrelevant, BUT what I’m going to TALK about – football, strippers and stuffing turkeys – is totally still relevant.  Right? I mean, come on, strippers are always in season.  But, first up….


Yeeeeah…about that.  I said I hated it (here), but it turns out, I like football.  A lot.  Something came over me during Thanksgiving break and all I wanted to do was watch this exhilarating game of hot asses in spandex, er, I mean, talented athletes proving their skills.  I found myself waking up, coming downstairs and hoping Sportcenter was on before the first game started.  I know.  What…the EFF was going on?  Don’t get me wrong: I am never going to get all crazy talking sports and/or get overly loud and manly and yell during a game, but I liked it.  I was into it.  And for the record, girls that are actual football fanatics and talk about it nonstop, especially via the social media outlets on the Interweb still creep me out.  Stop trying so hard…girls.

After all the football watching, I wanted to try out this game for myself.  Luckily, my mom’s 6-year-old sorta-Godson, Hayden, was coming over and was ready for some football.  I thought we were playing two-hand touch; he wanted to play tackle.  Of course he would.  Look who his teammate was.

Shit was about to get real.

It was Hayden and my brother (who is a former college football player if you’re new to this blog) against me, Cory and my Dad.  Ok, so MAYBE it was 3 against 2 and maybe I was up against a 6-year-old, but I pretty much dominated that field, er, backyard.  To be honest, I didn’t know what I was doing and when technical talk came into play (what’s a “line of scrimmage” anyway?), I was lost, but I DID score all of our 3 TDs.  See, I know the lingo.

Even during our winning team photo….my dad was apparently still shocked.

Don’t look so surprised, Dad.  Football is in our genes, and I don’t mean your sketchy Levi’s from the ’80s.

Bottom line, consider this a mild “apology” for my earlier blog post about most girls disliking sports and/or football.  But, I can still easily sniff out those girls who are faking a passion for football to get a guy’s attention.  And, I’ll take those bitches on the field any day.


Next up: strippers.  And, don’t forget to subscribe using the button at the top, so you don’t miss it.  Please?

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