What…am I thinking?

Sometimes, late at night, when my 4 primary life advisors (Kate, Chesley, Cory and Mom) are asleep (or, um, busy), I am forced to make decisions on my own that I would typically consult one or all of them on.  Last night was one of those nights.

A friend told me he had an extra number for the Georgia Marathon THIS Sunday and (jokingly?) said I should do it.  I used to do about 99% of the things people challenged me to do, but ever since that naked-in-the-W-Hotel-lobby-covered-in-chocolate-sauce incident, I’ve taken more caution when making decicions based on challenges.

Ok, so there was never any naked-in-the-W incident.  At least not in the lobby.

But, I do think about things a little more carefully before saying “F*ck it, I’ll do it!” these days.  Just to update you on my running status, I DID run the Georgia half-marathon 2 years ago.  Ever since then, I think 6 miles has been my max and my longest distance in about the last year has been…wait for it….5 miles.  F.I.V.E.

So, yeah, the marathon was out.  But, could I do the half?  13.1 miles?  From 5 miles to 13?  Had anyone ever done it?  I mean, I’m sure people have DONE it, but they probably ended up walking, ran a couple miles, walked a couple, blah blah blah.  And, I just can’t roll like that.  To me, a race means running.  Call me crazy.

I checked out the course and noticed that it goes right by my house at mile 6.  Interesting.  I could just run home if it was too much.  I know what you’re thinking: Oh, really Ashley?  You’ll knock walking to get to the finish line, but would quit halfway through? Hey, no one ever said my standards were normal.

So, I agreed to it.  And, I’m pretty sure my advisory board would have encouraged the same thing (although they probably would have told me to do the full, so maybe it’s a good thing I didn’t consult them).  I’m already thinking about what miracle performance gear I’m going to buy, how I need to attempt a before-midnight bedtime on Saturday, and the superfoods I’m going to seek out for the night before and morning of.  If you feel like coming out and cheering me on (or poking fun, whichever), check out the course map.  But, I would advise picking a spot on the route before mile 7.  Juuuuust in case.

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3 Responses to “What…am I thinking?”

  1. Dewey says:

    I better get a good fucking run out of this.

  2. jlaiti says:

    you can doooo ettttt! rah, rah, go ashley!

    now i’m feeling crappy for giving my number away.

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