The Big Finish

Warning: this post may not be funny.  There was really nothing funny about running 13.1 miles yesterday, except for the fact that I actually did it in a decent time without any training.  But, not sure “funny” is the right word for that (click here for the background on the race decision).  Oh, but there was a spectator on the route with a poster that said, “The results are on the Internet FOREVER!” so that was kinda’ funny. Would have been better if she’d said “World Wide Web” though.

Anyway, I did it.  In 2 hours, 11 minutes and 52 seconds, which averages out to a little more than 10 minutes per mile.  I don’t know if it was the fact that I had zero expectations for it or just randomly happen to be in shape or what, but it was…ok, I’m just going to say it….pretty easy.  Well, until about mile 11 when my knees just totally broke down and I had to slow it down for the last 2 miles.  If those f*ckers would have stayed pain-free, I would have beaten my time from 2 years ago (2:06), but I digress.

Not to get all inspirational, but if you’re thinking you could never do a half-marathon, or full marathon, or 5K or WHATEVER, I want to say that you can (unless you have physical limitations).  I am still slightly in shock at what I was able to do yesterday, but when the moment comes, you just find the inner strength somehow.

Ew, I just said “inner strength.”  That’s enough inspirational talk outta me.

I celebrated at Rosebud afterward, which was just like any other Sunday.  Except I wore a medal (for a photo op), and maybe consumed just a tad more champagne than usual.  This is what I like to call the “totally-exhausted-slightly-scary-no-makeup-hurry-up-and-take-the-picture-now” look.  Also known as: sexy.

So, until the next race, er, blog post…..CHEERS!

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