What REALLY Went Down at Camp Dance

After a full day of running alongside a float in the Inman Park parade, trekking around the ‘hood, being serenaded by a mariachi band, and eating large quantities of meat and cheese at Sauced, Kate and I still made it to the Camp Dance benefit at the World of Coke. We cabbed it there like responsible adults, and during the entire cab ride, Kate and our nice cabbie shot the shit about the Royal Wedding. Yes, I just used the words/phrases “cabbie,” “Royal Wedding” and “shot the shit” in the same sentence. Because that did happen. Turns out, not all cab drivers are assholes.

The event was really amazing and well put-together (Lauren Kraselsky, you go….gurl), but a couple things happened specifically that I’d like to share.

No offense to the bartenders (I’m sure they were instructed to keep their heavy hands a little lighter for the occasion), but they were pouring a mere trickle of vodka into our cups, and since we only had two drink tickets each, that was a problem. So we found a bartender all by his lonesome in the corner of the upstairs area and asked him to please give us full glasses of vodkas with just a splash of water. I’m not going to say what happened next (wouldn’t want to get anyone in trouble), but we walked away with two drinks that were prettyyyy stiff….

…and nothing to stir them with. And these bad boys definitely needed to be stirred. We were posted up at a high table, looking around like two lost puppies, wondering how we were going to stir these drinks, when our eyes landed on a small canoe figurine on the table…with two oars.

Problem. Solved. It was like that baby canoe had been put there not just to go with the cutesey camp theme, but to serve as drink mixing tools for thirsty girls.

Am I right or am I right?

Then I had to use the restroom. And it smelled so good in there, I just couldn’t stop fantasizing about making my home smell the same way. Then, like an angel out of the heavens (or Tijuana), the cleaning lady walked right into the bathroom and started spraying the magical scent! So naturally, I had to capture that.


Oh. Yes. I will be trading in my pricey Anthropologie candles for Pro-Link professional janitorial cleaning supplies. Don’t think I won’t.

Now, if I can only figure out where to order some of those wooden oars…


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