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“Is That Lassie?”

When I worked downtown at 360 Media, I would bring my dog Dewey to work, and taking him out to pee was ALWAYS an adventure, mainly because of all the homeless people that would yell at him/us. What would they yell, you ask? Always the same shit:

“Lassie!  Is that Lassie!?”

“Look at Lassie over there!”

“Is that dog named Lassie?”

Yes, everyone.  My dog is named Lassie. I couldn’t come up with anything better than that.

But, I always politely smiled and/or laughed at their comments, all the while trying to pull Dewey away from the tossed-away chicken wing bones that are so plentiful on the streets of downtown Atlanta.

When I left 360 and no longer had to walk Dewey around those parts, I thought the Lassie commentary would subside.

It didn’t.

The corner of Ponce and North Highland is where it happens the most, and there is a halfway house a block away which may have something to do with it. I’m just saying. A few weeks ago, a man called out, “Lassie!” while I was on the corner waiting to cross, and when I made it across, another person asked, “Is that dog named Lassie?”  What…a double header. And, just yesterday on the Freedom Park Trail, a homeless-looking man came running toward Dewey (BIG mistake) yelling out “Lassie!  Is that Lassie?” I had to drag Dewey away from that situation so quickly, you would have thought there were a dozen chicken wing bones on the path in front of him.

I just have to ask. What is the homeless population’s obsession with my dog, and more importantly, what is their obsession with Lassie? And MOST importantly, do they really think a witty girl like me would name her dog after the most iconic dog in the world? Okay, so maybe they don’t know I’m witty. Wait, am I?

And, to actually answer the question “Is that Lassie?”, the answer is NO. Lassie is a fictional character, and as for the dogs that played him on television and in movies, they are dead. All of them.

But still, maybe they’re onto something. Maybe Dewey REALLY does resemble the canine superstar.

You be the judge.