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Inman Park Festival: Pretty Much the Best Day Ever

This weekend was the Inman Park Festival. I had been looking forward to it for an ENTIRE YEAR because last year I moved into my apartment IN Inman Park during the festival and did not get to enjoy it at all. People were walking by my new place, all laughing and jovial with drinks in hand and high hopes of a great day ahead while I was directing three sweaty men as they maneuvered my big-ass couch through a 100-year-old door frame. (For the record, they were from Mark the Mover and they were awesome.)

So to say I had hopes for Saturday is an understatement. I went over to Kate and Liza’s house at noon with a bottle of champers in each hand and started mixing mimosas. We finished getting ready and headed out the door to go see the parade, full to-go cups in hand. We landed a prime viewing spot and I loved every single minute of what went down in the next 30 minutes or so.

There were full bands in the backs of trucks!

There were free condoms (courtesy of the responsible parade marchers from Planned Parenthood, of course)!

There were senior citizens taking jello shots! (Ok, so that was just Dad’s Garage‘s humor at work.)

And, WAIT A STINKIN MINUTE! Is that Justin Bieber!?

That kid follows me everywhere, I swear.

But my favorite moment was when a float rolled by with a cooler on it that read: MARGARITAS. Before I even knew what was happening, Kate and Liza pushed me out into the street, barking orders like, “Go!” and “You have the cups!” (I had been holding our empties). And I proceeded to run (ok, jog) alongside the float, filling up my cup with margarita the whole time, until the crowd became too thick to keep going. Please take a moment and picture this. I’ll wait.

I can only imagine the comments from onlookers.  I’m sure they were all various degrees of, “That girl is awesome! Look at her go!”  and, “That girl is pathetic. The things some people will do for a drink.” Both of which I’m ok with.

After the parade ended, we went to Victory where there was a mariachi band playing. But not just any mariachi band. A mariachi band that played covers. Like Beat It (yes, THAT Beat It), Low Rider and more. And they serenaded me. And I got up and danced. And I think I have a new boyfriend.

Can it really get any better than that? Didn’t think so. I love you, Atlanta. Especially you, Inman Park.

I know what you’re wondering and the answer is yes. You’re all invited when I marry my mariachi serenader and the reception will be held at Victory. It will also be BYOB. So don’t forget the jello shots.


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